A Right to Live [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Skyrim
Location: Eastmarch
Required Level: 34
Reward: 239

Text of the Quest:

I met a frightened young woman. Her and her friend were attacked by monsters on their way back to Windhelm.


Sena Aralor: Please help me! I pushed her down and now she's gone. It was the only way I could get away from those horrible monsters!
Hero: Tell me what happened.
Sena Aralor: We were on our way back to Windhelm. We decided to take a short cut and those monsters surrounded us. I've never seen anything like them before.
Hero: What monsters?
Sena Aralor: I need to go. I need to get out of here. Those things are everywhere! Please, my friend may still be alive. If you see her, you need to save her.
Hero: Where did you last see your friend?
Sena Aralor: We were near the center of the hot springs when we were attacked. I... I pushed Imhey down. It was the only thing I could do to get away. I wasn't thinking. I never meant to hurt her. Please find Imhey! I need to go!
Hero: Goodbye.

Valeric: Scales here is about to have a really bad day if she doesn't come with me right now. That bite ... it's spreading faster than she realizes.
Hero: What do you mean, spreading?
Valeric: These creatures are the twisted offspring of a vampire and their bite is just as dangerous. Once bitten, the curse seeps into your body. It gets into your blood until the fever takes you. Then the craving comes over you—the craving for blood.
Hero: Can the curse be cured?
Valeric: There may be a way. I need to get her back to my manor, though. If she stays out here too long, the sun will find her. Then she'll experience a pain like she has never felt before. Right now, she just needs to shut up and listen to me.
Hero: Why is she so afraid of you?
Valeric: I'm just like the creatures that attacked her, except my mind is my own and I'm a little more sensitive to sunlight. Now before you do something we'll both regret, hear me out. If I'm going to save Scales, I'm going to need your help.
Hero: I'm listening.
Valeric: I need bloodfiend dust. You can get it from the creatures that bit her. Then maybe we can reverse the effects and save Scales here. I'll keep her safe in the meantime. If you can get that dust, bring it to my manor.
Hero: You're infected with vampirisim?
Valeric: The cursed blood of my family does indeed run through my veins. I'm not ashamed of it. What I'm ashamed of is what my people do with this power.
Hero: I need your help then.
Valeric: I believe that I can trust you. If you help me with something, I'll do whatever you ask as long as it doesn't involve hurting anyone.
Hero: Goodbye.

Valeric: Scales tried to escape, so we locked her up. Nothing to worry about. Just want to make sure everyone stays safe. It won't be long before she gets that crazed look in her eyes, though.
Hero: Do you really need to lock her up?
Valeric: You saw those things out there. They're mindless monsters—as ugly as they are evil and only interested in killing and feasting. Do you really want Scales out there attacking people? No? That's why I put her in a cage.
Hero: Will the dust cure her?
Valeric: There's a chance, but it's just that. A chance. There's no guarantee she'll survive the process. I've seen it kill as often as it cures. It's a risk, but the alternative is far, far worse.
Hero: [Intimidate] If you're lying to me. I'll hunt you and your clan down.
Valeric: I swear by the blood of my clan and my clanmates, I only want to help her. She's safe here. I'll protect her for as long as she remains with us. And if the cure fails. I'll teach her to control her urges.
Hero: No. She seems fine. I can't risk her life.
Valeric: Very well. If it guarantees your assistance, I'll set her free. But what happens after that is on your head.
Hero: You'll let her go? Just like that?
Valeric: You don't trust me. I understand that and I don't blame you. A vampire helping strangers at an isolated manor house. What's not suspicious about that? Like I said, I need your help. And you may not know it yet, but you need mine.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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