A Little on the Side [Quest]

Faction: Aldmeri Dominion
Province: Valenwood
Location: Grahtwood
Required Level: 16

Text of the Quest:

wants my help to keep her side business going. She assures me it isnt technically illegal. Khezuli asked me to find , and . If I cant locate her stashes, I should check the pockets of any pirates left in the area.


Collect Ghostly Remnant Collect Collect

Khezuli: We run a delicate operation, and losing our workers to the marsh would have put our plans in jeopardy. Stranglers are harder to bribe than pirates, yes? But if you're sticking around Haven, perhaps we could speak of opportunity for coin.
Hero: I'm listening.
Khezuli: Our profits aren't enough to cover Haven's taxes on the inn. We have a side business to make up the difference. With the destruction caused by the pirates, I'm late making a delivery.
Hero: What sort of "side business" are you talking about?
Khezuli: Well... there are things people want which aren't illegal, not exactly, but which the Dominion dislikes. Look, the pirates took some goods used to produce such things. If I don't get the goods to my contact, we'll lose our business. You see?
Hero: I'll find your "goods" and bring them to your contact.

Mixing Mechanism: The receptacle sits on the workbench, waiting for the ingredients to be added.
Hero: Add Moon Sugar Cane.
Mixing Mechanism: The mechanism glows with a warm light.
Hero: Add Mangrove Juice.
Mixing Mechanism: A sweet smell fills the room as the warm glow continues within the mechanisms
Hero: Add Hist Saps
Mixing Mechanism: The glow continues as the mechanism finishes processing the mixture.

Quartermaster Oblan: Oh, hello. Guess I should've expected to see you around. Not that it isn't good to see you, but.... Why are you here, exactly?
Hero: I have something for you.
Quartermaster Oblan: Well, you're full of surprises! You weren't followed here, were you? No, no, never mind, I'm sure everything's fine. Thank you for delivering this! Good for the crew's morale.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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