A Dagger to the Heart [Quest]

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Province: High Rock
Location: Rivenspire
Required Level: 30

Text of the Quest:

A Dagger to the Heart Using the codebook I discovered, Adusa has determined that Montclairs nephew, Rohlbert, is behind the assassination plot. She believes that if we eliminate Rohlbert, we can end this part of the Montclair threat once and for all. Adusa believes Rohlberts is hiding in the old Montclair Manor, in Shornhelms upper city. I should meet her in front of the manor house.


Meet Adusa-daro at Montclair Manor

Adusa-daro: These assassins. They thought they were hunting us. Now Adusa turns the tables. Now we hunt them!
Hero: What do you propose?
Adusa-daro: Arcorion Two-Blades, Rasaba the Keen. They were hired by Montclair's nephew. A diseased worm named Rohlbert. He seeks to turn Montclair's remaining forces into an army, bolstered by hired blades.
Hero: And you know where we can find him?
Adusa-daro: Thanks to the codebook you found, yes. Rohlbert is hiding inside the old Montclair Manor in Shornhelm's upper city. We'll meet in front of the manor house. Then we finish this. One way or another.
Hero: I'll meet you there.
Adusa-daro: Meet Adusa at Montclair Manor, Five-Claws. It's in Shornhelm's upper city. This one must clean up here first, or Verandis will become very cross. He hates it when we play with our food.
Hero: What else can you tell me about Rohlbert Montclair?
Adusa-daro: A shallow man, lacking any redeemable qualities. This is a power grab, pure and simple. He's trading on his name to try to get a slice of the Rivenspire pie. But if he wants pie, Adusa has a pie for him right here.

Adusa-daro: Montclair's nephew is close. Adusa can smell Rohlbert from here.
Hero: Are you ready?
Adusa-daro: Adusa is very, very ready. Besides, the odds of actually dying ... well,you know how it is with vampires. We're pretty hard to kill. Come, let us put an end to this. I'll be right behind you.
Adusa-daro: Adusa is so happy she could just purr! The fighting, the blood, the excitement—Adusa hasn't had so much fun in an Elf's age! And, yes, we ended another threat to Rivenspire. That, too. All in all, Adusa had a fine, fine day.
Hero: Is this threat eliminated, then?
Adusa-daro: This threat, yes. But don't worry. Another will appear before you know it. You have been a friend to Adusa. And to Rivenspire. Stay fragrant, Five-Claw. This one is sure we will meet again some day.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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