A Cure For Droi [Quest]

Faction: Ebonheart Pact
Province: Skyrim
Location: Eastmarch
Required Level: 31

Text of the Quest:

The Nord soldier Droi burns with fever from a witch's curse. I need to collect a plant called Kyne's Breath to help reduce his fever.


Fresgil: A fever curse grips poor Droi. If we don't cure him soon, I fear he'll become one of the bewitched.
Hero: Tell me what happened.
Fresgil: Droi was sent to the shrine ahead of the brigade, to let the Keepers know we were coming and give them time to prepare. When we arrived, we found Droi like this, burning with fever. I've been trying to care for him, but nothing seems to help.
Hero: Is there anything I can do for him?
Fresgil: I smell fresh Kyne's Breath! It reminds me of when I was a little girl, running through the fields in spring. I miss those simpler days.
Hero: I hope I collected enough of these flowers.
Fresgil: Oh, yes! This is more than enough. The flower is very potent. Thank you! With these, I should be able to reduce Droi's fever.
Hero: Will Droi recover now?
Fresgil: Droi's fate is in Kyne's hands, but his chances are better now. I'll continue to watch over him until he wakes up. Since he was here before us, it's possible that Droi knows what happened to the Keepers. We need to find out what he saw.
Hero: Complete Quest.

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