Malabal Tor Greenshade Grahtwood


Quest Title Req. Level Location
A Chief Concern 22 Grahtwood
A Fathers Promise 34 Malabal Tor
A Lasting Winter 23 Grahtwood
A Little on the Side 16 Grahtwood
A Lucrat I've Scheme 22 Grahtwood
A Nord in Need 32 Malabal Tor
A Novel Idea 36 Malabal Tor
A Silken Garb 17 Grahtwood
A Storm Upon the Shore 29 Greenshade
A Tale Forever Told 36 Malabal Tor
A Tangled Knot 26 Greenshade
A Tangled Net 37 Malabal Tor
A Wedding to Attend 35 Malabal Tor
Aid for Bramblebreach 24 Greenshade
Ancient Stones, Ancient Words 23 Grahtwood
Arithiel 34 Malabal Tor
Audience with the Wilderking 24 Greenshade
Awakening 37 Malabal Tor
Back to Rest 36 Malabal Tor
Beasts of Falinesti 30 Greenshade
Before the Storm 28 Greenshade
Blind Mans Bluff 35 Malabal Tor
Blood Hunt 23 Grahtwood
Bosmer Insight 17 Grahtwood
Brackenleafs Briars 17 Grahtwood
Breaking the Ward 31 Greenshade
Brothers and Bandits 32 Malabal Tor
Buyer Beware 35 Malabal Tor
Caring for Kwama 22 Grahtwood
Carnival Conundrum 20 Grahtwood
Deadly Ambition 27 Greenshade
Double Jeopardy 28 Greenshade
Enemies at the Gate 22 Grahtwood
Enemy of My Enemy 37 Malabal Tor
Eyes of Azura 19 Grahtwood
Fit to Rule 19 Grahtwood
Flipping the Coin 22 Grahtwood
For Everything a Season 35 Malabal Tor
Forbidden Love 21 Grahtwood
Forever Bound 16 Grahtwood
Forgotten soul 16 Grahtwood
Forthors Cursed Axe 28 Greenshade
Frighten the Fearsome 24 Greenshade
Fulfilling Ones Fate 36 Malabal Tor
Handmade Guardian 24 Greenshade
Heart of the Matter 19 Grahtwood
House and Home 32 Malabal Tor
Hunting the Mammoth 29 Greenshade
Hunting the Troll 27 Greenshade
Hunting the Wasp 26 Greenshade
If the dead could talk 16 Grahtwood
In the Belly of the Sea Hawk 27 Greenshade
Keeper of Bones 18 Grahtwood
Light in the Darkness 23 Grahtwood
Lost Daughter 32 Malabal Tor
Lost in Study 21 Grahtwood
Lost in the Mist 27 Greenshade
Lost Treasures 16 Grahtwood
Luck of the Albatross 16 Grahtwood
Manthirs Debt 26 Greenshade
Mist and Shadow 27 Greenshade
Moonhenges Tear 31 Greenshade
Mourning the Lost 29 Greenshade
Naemons Return 30 Greenshade
Natures Best Friend 33 Malabal Tor
One Fell Swoop 32 Malabal Tor
Pact Advocate 21 Grahtwood
Passage Denied 16 Grahtwood
Payment In Kind 35 Malabal Tor
Pelidils End 29 Greenshade
Phantom Guilt 20 Grahtwood
Raise the Curtain 33 Malabal Tor
Rare Imports 20 Grahtwood
Reap What Is Sown 34 Malabal Tor
Report to Marbruk 30 Greenshade
Restore the Silvenar 37 Malabal Tor
Retaking the Pass 30 Greenshade
Right of Theft 29 Greenshade
Sacred Prey, Hunt Profane 37 Malabal Tor
Scaled Captors 27 Greenshade
Scars Never Fade 17 Grahtwood
Shades of Green 30 Greenshade
Shards of Heresy 34 Malabal Tor
Shipwrecked Sailors 36 Malabal Tor
Shock to the System 35 Malabal Tor
Something Rotten 35 Malabal Tor
Stone Cold 25 Greenshade
Storghs Bow 20 Grahtwood
Striking at the Heart 31 Greenshade
Swift Justice 29 Greenshade
The Amronal of Valenwood 28 Greenshade
The Artisan 24 Greenshade
The Blacksaps Hold 20 Grahtwood
The Blight of the Bosmer 29 Greenshade
The Captains Honor 36 Malabal Tor
The Dark Mane 37 Malabal Tor
The Dark Night of the Soul 37 Malabal Tor
The Drublog of Drabul 32 Malabal Tor
The Enemy Within 22 Grahtwood
The Fading Tree 25 Greenshade
The Falinesti Faithful 31 Greenshade
The Flooded Grove 27 Greenshade
The Flower of Youth 26 Greenshade
The Great Tree 16 Grahtwood
The Grip of Madness 18 Grahtwood
The Honor of the Queen 19 Grahtwood
The Hounds Men 33 Malabal Tor
The Hounds Plan 34 Malabal Tor
The Innkeepers Daughter 22 Grahtwood
The Maormers Vessels 36 Malabal Tor
The Misfortunate Minstrels 37 Malabal Tor
The Misuses of Knowledge 28 Greenshade
The Orrery of Elden Root 23 Grahtwood
The Prisoner of Jathsogur 35 Malabal Tor
The Senche 31 Greenshade
The Serpent Lord 28 Greenshade
The Show Must Go On 33 Malabal Tor
The Siege of Velyn Harbor 31 Malabal Tor
The Soul Trap 34 Malabal Tor
The Spinners Tale 24 Greenshade
The Staff of Magnus 26 Greenshade
The Storms Call 32 Malabal Tor
The Summer Site 33 Malabal Tor
The Tale of the Green Lady 33 Malabal Tor
The Ties that Bind 37 Malabal Tor
The Unfilled Order 32 Greenshade
The Unkindest Cut 32 Malabal Tor
The Unquiet Dead 20 Grahtwood
The Wakening Dark 23 Grahtwood
The Wandering Minstrel 17 Grahtwood
The Witch of Silatar 26 Greenshade
The Wounded Wood 23 Grahtwood
Throne of the Wilderking 26 Greenshade
To Velyn Harbor 31 Greenshade
Trouble at the Tree 16 Grahtwood
Troublemakers 25 Greenshade
Unsafe Haven 16 Grahtwood
Until Death 19 Grahtwood
Veil of Illusion 28 Greenshade
Wanted: Sgolag 24 Grahtwood
Woodhearth 26 Greenshade
Zen and Mauloch 35 Malabal Tor

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