Quests in Oblivion

A Bargain With Shadows 47 Coldharbour
A Graveyard of Ships 49 Coldharbour
A Misplaced Pendant 46 Coldharbour
A Thorn in Your Side 47 Coldharbour
An Unusual Circumstance 45 Coldharbour
Between Blood and Bone 49 Coldharbour
Breaking the Shackle 48 Coldharbour
Crossing the Chasm 48 Coldharbour
Hall of Judgment 46 Coldharbour
Into the Woods 45 Coldharbour
Light from the Darkness 46 Coldharbour
News of Fallen Kin 46 Coldharbour
Old Bones 48 Coldharbour
Saving Stibbons 45 Coldharbour
Soul Shriven in Coldharbour 1 Coldharbour
Special Blend 47 Coldharbour
The Anguish Gem 49 Coldharbour
The Army of Meridia 48 Coldharbour
The Citadel Must Fall 50 Coldharbour
The Endless War 47 Coldharbour
The Final Assault 50 Coldharbour
The Harvest Heart 49 Coldharbour
The Hollow City 45 Coldharbour
The Library of Dusk 44 Coldharbour
The Lost Lute 44 Coldharbour
The Shadows Embrace 45 Coldharbour
The Soul-Meld Mage 46 Coldharbour
The Will of the Worm 47 Coldharbour
Through the Daedric Lens 44 Coldharbour
Truth, Lies, and Prisoners 44 Coldharbour
Vanus Unleashed 47 Coldharbour
What the Heart Wants 49 Coldharbour
Wisdom of the Ages 46 Coldharbour

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