Hammerfell - Quests, Places of Interest

Hammerfell is one of 9 core provinces of Tamriel. It borders Skyrim, High Rock, and Cyrodiil. The province looks like a big dessert with a lot of sand. Famous Alik'r Desert is located here. Hammerfell is a home of Redguards. The climate here influences the appearance of redguards a lot. Most of them have dark skin due to the activity of the sun.

Though it’s rather difficult to survive on such territory the province has several big cities. Most of them are situated near the sea and Hammerfell is known as a province of sea traders and adventurers. Native citizens – Redguards – like to travel a lot and are known as good sailors because of their natural endurance.

Stros M'Kai Craglorn Bangkorai Alik'r Desert


Quest Title Req. Level Location
A Blessing for the Dead 34 Alik'r Desert
A City in Black 37 Bangkorai
A Favor Between Kings 40 Bangkorai
A Grave Matter 37 Bangkorai
A Handful of Stolen Dreams 41 Bangkorai
A Marriage in Ruins 41 Bangkorai
A Masters Last Request 28 Bangkorai
A Reckoning with Uwafa 34 Alik'r Desert
A Thirst for Revolution 41 Bangkorai
A Token Trophy 41 Bangkorai
Alasans Plot 36 Alik'r Desert
Amputating the Hand 37 Alik'r Desert
Ashabah Rising 32 Alik'r Desert
Back in Time 40 Bangkorai
Badwater Mine 31 Alik'r Desert
Beyond the Call 37 Bangkorai
Buried Secrets 2 Stros M'Kai
Conflicted Emotions 37 Bangkorai
Crawling Chaos 35 Alik'r Desert
Dark Wings 38 Bangkorai
Dead Mans Wrist 2 Stros M'Kai
Defense of Warwyrd Temple 50 Craglorn
Destroying the Dark Witnesses 38 Bangkorai
Feathered Fiends 36 Alik'r Desert
Fortune and Opportunity 30 Bangkorai
Freedoms Chains 38 Bangkorai
Gazerbreak 50 Craglorn
Goblin Marq 2 Stros M'Kai
Gone Missing 34 Alik'r Desert
Hallins Burden 41 Bangkorai
Heart of Evil 38 Bangkorai
Imperial Curiosity 42 Bangkorai
Imperial Incursion 37 Alik'r Desert
Imperial Infiltration 37 Bangkorai
In Search of the Ash"abah 31 Alik'r Desert
Innocent Scoundrel 2 Stros M'Kai
Izads Treasure 2 Stros M'Kai
Jharads Notes 28 Bangkorai
Kingdom in Mourning 37 Alik'r Desert
Lady Laurents Favor 32 Alik'r Desert
Last Night 2 Stros M'Kai
Leading the Stand 37 Bangkorai
Left at the Altar 34 Alik'r Desert
Like Moths to a Candle 2 Stros M'Kai
Lizard Racing 32 Alik'r Desert
Malignant Militia 35 Alik'r Desert
March of the Ra Gada 36 Alik'r Desert
Master of Lekis Blade 35 Alik'r Desert
Mistress of the Lake 37 Bangkorai
Moment of Truth 2 Stros M'Kai
Monkey Magic 31 Alik'r Desert
Morwhas Curse 33 Alik'r Desert
News on the Garrison 40 Bangkorai
Past Due 35 Alik'r Desert
Past in Ruins 32 Alik'r Desert
Present in Memory 40 Bangkorai
Publish or Perish 40 Bangkorai
Raiders at the Crossing 40 Bangkorai
Rendezvous at the Pass 40 Bangkorai
Report to Evermore 40 Bangkorai
Restoring the Ansei Wards 36 Alik'r Desert
Revered Ancestors 32 Alik'r Desert
Rise of the Dead 32 Alik'r Desert
Risen From the Depths 32 Alik'r Desert
Rising Against Onsis Breath 42 Bangkorai
Satak was the First Serpent 32 Alik'r Desert
Scavenging for a Scarab 41 Bangkorai
Searching for the Searchers 40 Bangkorai
Seize the Moment 31 Alik'r Desert
Shiris Research 34 Alik'r Desert
Snakes in the Sands 36 Alik'r Desert
Sphere Assembly 2 Stros M'Kai
Storming the Garrison 40 Bangkorai
Striking Back 42 Bangkorai
Sunken Knowledge 38 Bangkorai
Supporting Force 26 Bangkorai
Tarnish the Crown 2 Stros M'Kai
Tears of the Dishonored 36 Alik'r Desert
Temples Treasures 37 Alik'r Desert
Tharayyas Trail 32 Alik'r Desert
The Broken Spearhead 2 Stros M'Kai
The Charge of Evermore 39 Bangkorai
The Constellation Shard 38 Bangkorai
The Corrupted Stone 50 Craglorn
The Crocodiles Many Tears 29 Bangkorai
The Dead and the Dying 27 Bangkorai
The Fallen City of Shada 50 Craglorn
The Heart of the Beast 40 Bangkorai
The Impervious Vault 32 Alik'r Desert
The Initiation 33 Alik'r Desert
The Last Spriggan 38 Bangkorai
The Lions Den 41 Bangkorai
The Nature of Fate 31 Alik'r Desert
The Nature of Fate: Part Two 35 Alik'r Desert
The Oldest Orc 32 Alik'r Desert
The Parley 38 Bangkorai
The Princes Health 40 Bangkorai
The Proving Grounds 50 Craglorn
The Reachmen Camp 29 Bangkorai
The Real Snake 37 Alik'r Desert
The Returned 41 Bangkorai
The Scholar of Bergama 32 Alik'r Desert
The Search for Shiri 35 Alik'r Desert
The Search is Over 33 Alik'r Desert
The Shifting Sands of Fate 41 Bangkorai
The Spearheads Captain 2 Stros M'Kai
The Spearheads Crew 2 Stros M'Kai
The Star-Gazers 50 Craglorn
The Waking Darkness 39 Bangkorai
The Warriors Call 50 Craglorn
The Water Stone 38 Bangkorai
The Will of the Woods 37 Bangkorai
Thwarting the Aldmeri Dominion 33 Alik'r Desert
Tip of the Spearhead 3 Stros M'Kai
To Aid the Enemy 41 Bangkorai
To Walk on Far Shores 42 Bangkorai
Tongues of Stone 41 Bangkorai
Tracking the Hand 35 Alik'r Desert
Trapped in the Bluffs 36 Alik'r Desert
Trial of Martial Knowledge 50 Craglorn
Trial of the True Path 50 Craglorn
Trials and Tribulations 42 Bangkorai
Trials of the Hero 36 Alik'r Desert
Trolls Dessert 38 Bangkorai
Trouble at Tavas Blessing 33 Alik'r Desert
Tu'Whaccas Breath 34 Alik'r Desert
Undying Loyalty 33 Alik'r Desert
Urenenyas Lament 41 Bangkorai
Warship Designs 33 Alik'r Desert
Washed Ashore 2 Stros M'Kai
Waters Run Foul 50 Craglorn
We Live In Fear 39 Bangkorai
Whose Wedding? 35 Alik'r Desert
Word from the Throne 32 Alik'r Desert

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