Alchemy Reagents

Alchemy reagents are the most important part of any alchemy potion. Any alchemist will require a lot of reagents for crafting. Unlike Blacksmithing where you have to search for specific ore types in specific locations, all alchemy reagents can be found in any location. There is no specific location for a specific reagent.

Each reagent has 4 traits (effects). Note that there are useful traits like “Increase Magicka Regeneration” and useless traits like “Ravage Health”. So keep this in mind when you mix your potions. If you want to find out more read our Alchemy Guide.

Item Category Level
Blessed Thistle Reagent (Alchemy) 1
Blue Entoloma Reagent (Alchemy) 1
Bugloss Reagent (Alchemy) 1
Columbine Reagent (Alchemy) 1
Corn Flower Reagent (Alchemy) 1
Dragonthorn Reagent (Alchemy) 1
Emetic Russula Reagent (Alchemy) 1
Imp Stool Reagent (Alchemy) 1
Lady's Smock Reagent (Alchemy) 1
Luminous Russula Reagent (Alchemy) 1
Mountain Flower Reagent (Alchemy) 1
Namira's Rot Reagent (Alchemy) 1
Nirnroot Reagent (Alchemy) 1
Stinkhorn Reagent (Alchemy) 1
Violet Coprinus Reagent (Alchemy) 1
Water Hyacinth Reagent (Alchemy) 1
White Cap Reagent (Alchemy) 1
Wormwood Reagent (Alchemy) 1

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