Drain Essence

Drain Essence
Requires Vampire
Cast Time Instant
Cost 247 Magicka
Type: Active
- Stun target for 3 seconds and do 160 Magic damage every 1 second.
- Player recovers 150% of damage as Health and Stamina every 1 second.
- Cannot be applied to targets that have recently been drained or fed upon.
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Drain Essence is an amazing controlling spell of Vampires. The ability stuns and deals great amount of damage to the target. But the best bonus of the spell is that it drains health from target and recovers your both stamina and magicka. It is a great ability that can give you amazing advantage in any battle.

Tier 1 Morphing

Spell Type

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  1. Geoffrey B Miller 17 march 2015, 21:51 # 0
    Last logged into the game about a month ago, didn't see the drain essence as an active option. Was it removed as a skill?

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