Master Ritualist

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Master Ritualist
Requires Templar
Type: Passive
- increase resurrection speed
- resurrect players with more health
- chance to gain a soul gem upon successful resurrect

Master Ritualist is a passive that makes your resurrection spells much better. First of all you can resurrect allies faster. It is a very good bonus that helps to save tine. Players you resurrect gain more health and you will spend less Magicka energy to restore their health. You also have probability to gain soul gem after successful cast.

This passive is a ‘must have” for any Templar regardless specialization. The ability to resurrect allies will help you in many situations. The great bonus of this spell is that there is probability to get a soul gem. For every 10 allies you can receive at least 5 soul gems. Soul gems are very important in Elder Scrolls Online.

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