Summerset Isles

The Summerset Isles is a group of 3 islands Summerset, Auridon, and Artaeum located in southwestern part of Tamriel. The islands belong to Aldmeri Dominion.

Quests in Summerset Isles

A Hostile Situation 5 Auridon
A Village Awakened 10 Auridon
All the Fuss 8 Auridon
An Act of Kindness 11 Auridon
Assisting the Assistant 11 Auridon
Back to Skywatch 15 Auridon
Blessings of the Eight 13 Auridon
Breaking the Barrier 15 Auridon
Corruption Stones 8 Auridon
Depths of Madness 8 Auridon
Ensuring Security 5 Auridon
Eye of the Ancients 14 Auridon
Eye Spy 14 Auridon
Faith in the Family 14 Auridon
Final Blows 12 Auridon
Harsh Lesson 13 Auridon
In the Name of the Queen 8 Auridon
Lifting the Veil 11 Auridon
Lost Bet 15 Auridon
MissI've to the Queen 11 Auridon
New in Town 5 Auridon
One of the Undaunted Aldmeri 12 Auridon
Plague of Phaer 7 Auridon
PreventatI've Measure 12 Auridon
Putting the Pieces Together 9 Auridon
Real Marines 6 Auridon
Relic Rescue 13 Auridon
Repentant Son 7 Auridon
Rightful Inheritance 15 Auridon
Rites of the Queen 8 Auridon
Sever All Ties 15 Auridon
Silent Village 10 Auridon
Silsailen Rescue 6 Auridon
Spirited Away 10 Auridon
Take Me Home 15 Auridon
Teldurs End 6 Auridon
The First Patient 7 Auridon
The Jesters Joke 15 Auridon
The Mallari-Mora 11 Auridon
The Racer 11 Auridon
The Serpents Beacon 5 Auridon
The Unveiling 9 Auridon
The Veil Falls 11 Auridon
The Veiled Choice 12 Auridon
The Wayward Dagger 14 Auridon
Through the Ashes 12 Auridon
To Dawnbreak 11 Auridon
To Firsthold 12 Auridon
To Mathiisen 9 Auridon
To Skywatch 9 Auridon
To Tanzelwil 6 Auridon
Unaccounted Crew 5 Auridon
Wearing the Veil 11 Auridon

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